Friday, July 08, 2005

Kakadu and Katherine Gorge

Hi All,

Just a quick note before we head South towards Queensland(QLD)!

It's Saturday July 9th. We are currently in Katherine. Yesterday we canoed down the Katherine Gorge. Quite a spectacular sight! The canoe is something we haven't quite mastered yet, so I would say we more or less Zig-Zagged up the gorge. Between the first and second gorge, we had to walk the canoe for about 20 minutes over some major rocks and beaches which was a major challenge, but we did very well!!

The last few days were spent at Kakadu National park. On Friday we took a nice early (6:45AM) cruise through the Yellow waters area of Kakadu. We spotted about 6-7 crocodiles...amazing creatures! Yellow waters was quite diverse. Wetlands, rivers, many species of birds and snake. We got some great pics here.

On Thursday we did a lot of shorter walks around Kakadu. We passed through the largest aboriginal rock art site in Aus, we walked by a lot of Ballabongs(waterholes in the outback) and we toured an Aboriginal cultural centre.

For the next few days we will be driving 2200KM(that's about 1400 miles) to Townsville and our last Aussie state, Queensland. You won't hear from us for a few days, but we do enjoy your comments, so keep them coming!

Mike (& Christy)


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