Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Saturday, July 24th: Grand Teton National Park

On the road again by 8am and headed towards Grand Teton national park! The drive was quite a long one and we finally secured a campsite at Signal Mountain. We had gone to Jenny Lake first, and sensing may places would be available, we left it and went further afield...the next place was packed, so we backtracked to Signal Mountain. We had a bit of a struggle getting a campsite at all...an RV blocked us but Christy ran ahead and secure one for us...

Tired of tourism, we decided to relax for a day...We headed for the nearby lake with our books. The water was too cool to swim but it was very relaxing sitting in the shade and reading! Back at the campsite, we ate some appetizers, read the Jackson Hole newspaper and drank some beers. We followed up with some dinner-making. We carried out some administrative work for Ireland and went to bed.

The next day, we toured the park. We headed to Jenny lake, a beautiful scenic area and took a ferry across the lake to the hidden falls, a popular vertical hike to some beautiful falls and a spectacular outcrop, inspiration point, overlooking the lake. The short ferry trip was very pleasant both ways: it was warm but movement across the lake cooled us down.

We followed Jenny lake with a trip to Phelps lake and the Rockefeller preserve. The preserve, donated by the Rockefeller family, complete with interpretive center
was quite a place and the money spent proved worthy. We hiked to Phelps lake and Huckleberry point..two destinations truly worth the hike. The hike was hot but we were luck to have plenty of shade on the trail. We headed back towards camp and spotted a huge Moose eating in a march. We drove along antelope road and Mormon row in the hope of finding wildlife but we only found bison...we were bisoned-out at this point!

At this point, we were hungry and we decided that we would head to Leek's marina and pizzeria for a beer and pizza...We had the Sicilian pizza and some brews and really enjoyed it. With this, we headed back to the campground for dinner and our plans for our next trip: Mount Rushmore.