Monday, July 11, 2005

In Townsville!

Hi All,

We made it to Townsville, Queensland. It was about a 2200KM journey from Katherine. There were not too many sights along the way.

On Saturday we stayed at a roadside parking area by the Stuart memorial. The sunset there was quite nice. On Sunday night we stayed in Mount ISA, home of what they call, the largest Irish club in the world. When we got there we found out it was about as Irish as Las Vegas. In fact it reminded us a lot of Vegas. The place was huge and was full of Poker machines (pokies)! However, there was quite a good pint there and we had a good chat with the bus driver who hailed from County Carlow.

Last night we stayed at Pentland Caravan park. This place is in the middle of nowhere and we were not expecting much, but we left very happy. Their facilities were probably the best that we have experienced so far, the scenery was quite nice and they were really friendly.

After a hearty breakfast, Christy took us on the 240KM drive to Townsville. We are here for a few hours doing business, and then we will head up North to Mission Beach area tomorrow, back here on Thursday/Fri, and then on to the Whitsundays...

Hope all of you guys are good...

Take it easy...

M & C


At 9:16 AM, Blogger brooklette said...

Hey Christy and Mike!
So glad to see you are doing well - it looks like you are having an AWESOME trip! I am soooo jealous!

I start my migration east today. Don't forget, you will have to come visit me and we can go hang out in Boston! I can't find Christy and Pete's email or contact info, can you send it to me when you get a chance?

Hugs and fishes,


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